Top5 Most Dangerous Animals In The World…

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Animals can be so lovely to humans especially the domesticated species. But there are others who would waste no slight chance in devouring your cosmetics body.Dangerous animals are not a sight to behold except if you are ready to commit suicide and book a pre-early appointment with your maker. If you are trapped in a dead end situation like that, your only source of survival can be categorically classified into the followings;

1 run for your life
2 hide in a place out of their reach
3 do not touch them, whenever you are in a close contact.

1. Komodo Dragon
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Komodo dragons eat birds, water buffalos, Timor deer, carrion, and humans.


You will not believe the strange habits of Komodo dragon, they have been reported to dig up bodies from shallow graves.

If you are locked up in the jungle with the Komodo, do not dare fake your death because you are so edible for consumption.

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