How to work abroad? here is how i did mine

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Working abroad is great, just ask anyone who’s ever done so. Assuming they came back.

It’s so great in fact, around one in 10 Britons now live abroad, with countries like Spain, France, Australia and the US topping the list of most popular destinations.

But if the prospect of upping sticks intimidates you (which is perfectly normal), fear not: better internet connectivity, a rise in remote working, and a limitless need for native English speakers means it’s never been a better time to pursue paid work abroad. Trust us.

What are the benefits of working abroad?

Where to begin? Aside from the impressive dinner party chat you’ll have for decades to come, where you can casually refer to “that year I spent farming in Mongolia”, working abroad is an enriching experience that you’ll gain from both professionally and personally.

Expand your skills

For starters, you’ll expand your skill set. An international career – even one that lasts just a year –requires you to broaden your knowledge of the global workplace, develop new networking skills and discover new cultural perspectives of how business is done.

You’ll hone your communications skills too, and not necessarily by learning a new language (though this may be another skill you pick up), but by learning how to clarify your speech and make yourself understood to non-fluent English speakers.

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